Trans-Atlantic Capital Group is a full-service investment consultancy that specializes in sustainable investment opportunities within the Caribbean part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Trans-Atlantic Capital Group’s main service lines include investor permit programs, family office services & business development solutions.


Investor Permit Solutions

Our Investor Permit solutions offer a gateway to one of the most consistently sought after nationalities in the world, Dutch residency & citizenship. Trans-Atlantic Capital Group offers a unique one-stop-shop experience for members of the Capital Group family, incorporating the best in class (international) professional service providers in the Dutch Kingdom.

Trans-Atlantic Capital Group’s investor permit programs offer turn-key solutions to the complex investor permit process. We provide a complete framework to our clients that maps out all requirements and steps for the application process and offer full support throughout immigration, suitable (real estate) investments, civil notary services, insurance, banking & trust solutions.

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Family Office Services

All family office services are provided to our members at exclusive rates by internationally awarded and recognized top tier service providers within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Our partners are familiar with the needs and wants of our members and have been carefully selected to optimally support the Capital Group family. This results in the smoothest process possible with the best advisors and service providers at the most competitive cost.

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Business Development Solutions

Our business development solutions are founded upon an efficient, transparent and multi-disciplinary framework encompassing each phase of the investment cycle including strategic planning, investment design, implementation & control and evaluation & capitalization of investments.

Trans-Atlantic Capital Group provides the client and project team with various tailor-made tools to continuously assess risk, financial feasibility and control ensuring solid growth and durable success of the initiative.


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With a size of 444 square kilometers and a population of over 160.000 Curacao is the largest island within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Curacao enjoys an open economy with a flourishing tourism sector. Although tourism plays a major role, the economy is diversified and plays a major role in international trade, shipping services, refining, storage (oil and bunkering) and international financial services.

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