Frequently Asked Questions

Investor permit program

Can an investor invest in real estate projects in the Netherlands for a residency permit in Curacao, when a company on Curacao owns the project?

The investment has to take place in Curacao and should further local economic development (increase jobs, foreign exchange, etc..)

Should the investor only invest in projects within Curacao, to be eligible for a residency permit?

Yes, at least for the amount necessary to qualify.

What are the additional government fees that are associated with obtaining a residency permit?

For consideration of a residence permit for a period of 3 years, payment of government fees in the amount of 1041 USD (Naf. 1.720.00) and charges of 81 USD (Naf. 145.00) are required.

For consideration of a residence permit for a period of 5 years, payment of government fees in the amount of 1.578 USD (Naf. 2.860.00) and charges of 131 USD (Naf. 235.00) are required.

For consideration of an indefinite residence permit, payment of government fees in the amount of 3.190 USD (Naf. 5.710.00) and charges of 257 USD (Naf. 460.00) are required.

For someone with a residency permit for 3 years, 5 years or an indefinite period: Do they have to re-apply for an ID every year?

The initial ID must be renewed every year. In case an indefinite residency permit is applicable, the ID should be renewed after 5 years.

Next to the required minimum investment, should applicants have a minimum balance in the bank to apply for an ID renewal?

The investor must prove that he or she has enough financial means for a normal living standard.

In case an investor gets an indefinite investor permit, can he/she immediately start the naturalization process?

After having been resident in Curacao for 5 consecutive years, the naturalization process can start for Dutch citizenship.

How much time is needed to open a bank account for Trans-Atlantic Capital Group clients/members?

After all required documentation has been received, the bank will conduct its mandatory by law ‘know your client’ (“KYC”) procedure. This process varies per request on the basis of the submitted documentation and the due diligence procedure of the bank. One can expect this process to take around 3 weeks to a month. Trans-Atlantic Capital Group has excellent contacts at the local banks and is able to produce additional services to guide and speed up this process (if required).

The investor might not take the whole required investment right away. How would this work?

The total minimum amount for the required investment needs to be received in full, including proof of adequate resources for a decent living. Please note that any services provided by Trans-Atlantic Capital Group are only available to Trans-Atlantic Capital Group members.

Is it possible to rent out the real estate objects?

There are a several options available including long-term rental, Airbnb, etc… Real estate rental provides a great source of secondary income for Capital Group members that enjoy a residency permit but generally do not reside in Curacao.

If the apartment or villa is rented out, where can I stay?

Trans-Atlantic Capital Group members enjoy special (reduced) rates at several of the best hotels on the island.


For the investor with a residency permit in Curacao, is it easy to get a Schengen visa to Holland or other European countries?

Yes, with a residency permit from Curacao, the process in getting a visa for Holland, which is applicable to the whole Schengen area is easy. After all required documentation is provided, the process takes about 2 weeks.

Does Trans-Atlantic Capital Group have the right connections with the appropriate institutions?

Trans-Atlantic Capital Group has top tier immigration, trust & law firms as dedicated preferred partners to ensure a clear and smooth application process. These partners include, Van Eps Kunneman van Doorne, Bakker Tilly Dutch Caribbean, TMF-Group, TrustMoore

Do investors have to reside in Curacao for a specific period every year? For example, 6 months?

There is no minimum number of days in which one has to reside in Curacao, however one has to be in Curacao at least once a year.

Is it easy to travel from Curacao without a visa to other South American countries & the United States?

A Curaçao residency permit does not provide automatic visas for other countries. Being a Curacao resident, it is however easier to obtain the visas. After the minimum of 5 years, the investor can apply for Dutch citizenship, and when obtained, enjoy all the benefits of Dutch citizenship and visa free travel to 155 countries.

How are the connections by air to Europe, Asia, the United States and South America?

There are several direct daily flights from Curacao to Amsterdam (Europe) (8,5 a 9 hours) and from there to Beijing (8 a 9 hours). There are also several direct daily flights from Curacao to de United States (3 hours Miami, 4,5 hours New York – several times a week) and from Curacao to several destinations in South America.


What are the typical costs associated with for example International school, tax, cost of living, cleaning, renting a car?

A: The fees for the international school vary, depending on the grade, from approximately USD 12.000 to USD 17.000 per year. In addition, there is a one-time fee per new family member of USD 1700. Trans-Atlantic Capital Group has close contacts with the International school and can assist with any application process.

B: The Curacao tax landscape has various taxes, including amongst others, income tax, turnover tax, real estate tax & real estate transfer tax. Any Trans-Atlantic Capital Group member enjoys special rates within the Trans-Atlantic Capital Group family for expert advice about optimal tax and estate planning development.

C: The rent of an average house (villa, 3 bedrooms, decent garden) is around USD 2,500. The monthly costs of water and electricity vary around USD 500 (depending on use of air-conditioning and/or pool.

D: Renting a middle-class car cost around USD 1,000 per month.

E: The average cost of a maid is about USD 30 dollars per half-day shift.

How are telecommunication and internet services?

Curacao has an excellent ICT infrastructure including among others: 5 submarine optic fiber cables, direct satellites as well as a Tier IV datacenter.


Are the requirements for naturalization stricter than in Holland?

The naturalization requirements are the same throughout the Kingdom of the Netherlands.