Business Development Solutions

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Strategic Planning

The Strategic Planning phase encompasses the analytical, planning and coordination activities which form the foundation for the initiative. For a limited fee, TCG can provide the client with several tools to assess the viability of an investment. Outcomes of this phase always lead to a go / no go decision by the project initiator. Typical deliverables during this phase include amongst others;

  • Business plan
  • Financial feasibility assessment
  • Due Diligence
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Investment Design

The Investment Design phase builds on the initial project concepts that are identified. As financial feasibility has been determined, other key elements are covered to prepare the project for launch. Typical topics and deliverables during this phase include amongst others;

  • Investment and Financing Memorandum (if applicable)
  • Raising of remainder of capital (if applicable)
  • Optimal fiscal planning for the venture
  • Drafting and outline of the required legal contracts and vehicles

Implementation & Control

The starting point for the Implementation and Control phase begins after all required capital is raised. A dedicated project team is proposed to the client which carries the responsibility for the execution and control of the initiative. Key elements during this phase include;

  • Overall coordination and control through Trans-Atlantic Capital Group
  • Management of the project funds
  • Execution of investment activities
  • Ongoing legal and financial support (if required)

Valuation & Capitalization of investments

The Evaluation and Capitalization phase emphasizes the understanding of the results achieved by the investment. This phase ensures that successful practices are continued and institutionalized securing the lasting success of the initiative. In addition, this phase provides valuable best practices which can feed similar future endeavors. Key elements in this phase include;

  • Adequate incorporation of Corporate Governance guidelines
  • Ongoing management of required entities
  • Monitoring and reporting