Business Development Solutions

Business development solutions

TCG can register your company in the most renowned business and financial centers in Curaçao.
Our offices and preferred partners have deep insight in swift and optimal company formation including suitable fiscal structures. We offer key knowledge of local conditions and ensure that the structure, organization and documents of the companies comply with all requirements and expectations as set forth by authorities and banks.

Curaçao E-zone

The Economic Zone (“E-zone) is a by the government designated area in Curacao, which is exclusively designed to support export focused companies. The main benefits of the E-Zone regime include net profits subject to 2% tax, including no import duties, turnover tax or other business taxes. The E-Zone is especially popular among e-commerce companies.

Activities that are excluded for the E-Zone regime are activities relating to the income from investments and intellectual property, service providers management companies, civil law notaries, lawyers, registered accountants, tax advisors and companies providing similar types of services.

Export Facility regime

Companies that generate at least 90% of their profits outside of Curaçao are eligible for the so called Export Facility regime. Both local as well as foreign entities can obtain the status of “Export Facility Company” given that there is a permanent establishment in Curaçao. Under the Export Facility regime, a qualified company will be taxed as follows:

  • 95% of the foreign profit is taxed against 2.2% (which is 10% of the standard 22% tax rate), resulting in an effective tax rate of 2.09%.
  • 5% of the foreign profit is taxed against the standard profit tax rate of 22%, resulting in an effective tax rate of 1.1%, resulting in a combined effective tax rate of 3.19%.