Investor Permit Solutions


Investor Permit Framework

The Trans-Atlantic Capital Group Investor permit framework offers a solid investment foundation for our clients, including:

  • Provision of all required documentation for the full investor permit program
  • Investment protection through complete and permanent control over all investments through ownership of 100% shares in domestic legal entity (“N.V.” or “Incorporated”), administered by Preferred Partner (top tier trust company), including local corporate director
  • Introduction with the top tier service providers in the region including amongst others: legal, fiscal, finance, immigration, insurance, banking trust & real estate
  • Introduction to the necessary banking services including a local bank account
  • Support in setting up tailor made businesses and optimal fiscal structures through our preferred legal and fiscal partners
  • Solid selection of attractive real estate (investment) objects, including optional management, rental and returns


Trans-Atlantic Capital Group membership is mandatory for each investor permit program and services to continually provided local support to our members.

Membership includes:

  • Coordination between preferred partner network & our clientele
  • Payments of annual government fees and administration costs
  • Annual ID renewal (applicable with the three and five year program)
  • Exclusive access into (real estate) investment portfolio
  • Preferential access & rates with all preferred partner firms
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As of 2014, the government of Curacao issued the Guidelines Investors Permit 2014 in an effort to increase foreign direct investment. As such, Curacao opened a gateway for high net worth investors to obtain a residence permit in Curacao and after five years eligibility for Dutch (EU) citizenship.

To qualify for the residence permit, the investor has to prove that he or she:

  • Has sufficient means to be able to meet the obligations arising from the investment
  • Holds no criminal record
  • Is in possession of a private health insurance policy and
  • Is able to show official documents that the investor made or intents to make a business investment of at least USD 280,000

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Investor Permit Programs

The Curacao investor permit program consists of three main options including a three year, five year and indefinite permit, where the term of the acquired residence permit is directly related to the amount which will be invested in Curacao.

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