As of 2014, the government of Curacao issued the Guidelines Investors Permit 2014 in an effort to increase foreign direct investment. As such, Curacao opened a gateway for high net worth investors to obtain a residence permit in Curacao and after five years eligibility for Dutch (EU) citizenship.

To qualify for the residence permit, the investor has to prove that he or she:

  • Has sufficient means to be able to meet the obligations arising from the investment
  • Holds no criminal record
  • Is in possession of a private health insurance policy and
  • Is able to show official documents that the investor made or intents to make a business investment of at least USD 280,000

In addition to the main investor permit qualifications as set by the government, Trans-Atlantic Capital Group conducts a mandatory due diligence to comply with the strict international banking & trust regulations. Amongst others, the investor should be able to provide:

  • Source of Funds declaration (including how and where the to be invested funds earned by the investor and from which account they are being sent) completed and signed by the client
  • A legible colored copy of the key pages of the passport of the clients as well as another form of identification of the UBO’s, legalized by a notary public or issued for true copy by a partner of a top 4 Tax/Audit firm
  • An original bank reference letter of the client, not older than 3 months, addressed to our Trust Preferred partner and stating the integrity and sound business reputation of the UBO
  • A certified copy of the utility bill in the name of the signatories and I-banking users as proof of address

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