Transatlantic Capital Group membership includes:

Investment protection through complete and permanent control over all investments through ownership of 100% shares in domestic legal entity (“N.V.” or “Incorporated”), administered by Preferred Partner (top tier trust company), including local corporate director.

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Investor Permit Solutions

The Curaçao investor permit program consists of three main options, where the term of the acquired residence permit is directly related to the amount which will be invested in Curaçao.

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Business Development Solutions

TCG can register your company in the most renowned business and financial centers in Curaçao.
Our offices and preferred partners have deep insight in swift and optimal company formation including suitable fiscal structures. We offer key knowledge of local conditions and ensure that the structure, organization and documents of the companies comply with all requirements and expectations as set forth by authorities and banks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can an investor invest in real estate projects in the Netherlands for a residency permit in Curaçao, when a company on Curaçao owns the project?

The investment has to take place in Curaçao and should further local economic development (increase jobs, foreign exchange, etc..)